A Simple Remedy For Feeling Better After Narcissistic Abuse

Bree Bonchay is positive and understanding – glad she shares her knowledge and ideas with us !

Free From Toxic


If you’re struggling to heal from and move on after narcissistic abuse, you’re probably frustrated that it’s taking so long. Healing from narcissistic abuse is so much more complicated than healing from a regular break up. This is why thetypical break up advice and tips not only don’t work but often times leave you feeling even worse off and wondering ifsomething is wrong with you?Thepopularbreak up wisdomthatadvises you that you will feel better if youfind a new hobby and change upyour hairstyledoesn’thelp youto get over it any faster. The common remedies for a broken heart fall short because they don’t address the broken spirit, mind-bending confusion, cognitive dissonance, unanswered questions, lack of closure and the callous post-discard behavior characteristic of break ups with narcissists.

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